New Directions: The Music, Volume 1
Movie: New Directions: The First Note
New Directions Cast
Released June 12th, 2014
Recorded 2013
Billboard 200 #3
Label Columbia Records
Album Chronology
"New Directions: Journey to Sectionals"
Alternate Cover

New Directions: The Music, Volume 1 is a soundtrack album released in unison with the movie of a similar title. Released on iTunes and in retail stores around the world, the album rocketed up the charts to #3 on the Billboard 200, and at #1 in many other countries. Featuring songs from the first movie in the New Directions series, it included both hits performed by the original Glee club and new songs never covered before.

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Commercial PerformanceEdit

The album made its debut at #102 on the Billboard 200 with approximately 1,820 copies sold in its first week, which remains to date the lowest first week tally of the series. The next week, the album dropped to #108 with 1,268 sold. After the album was officially released in retail stores, the soundtrack rose into the Top 100 at #86, with 4,238 sold in its third week, bringing the three week total to 7,326. However, the film gained a lot of media attention after members of the One Direction fandom spread the word that band member Niall Horan had featured vocals, and the album sold about 13,129, even more than the first three weeks combined, and reaching a new high of #41. Subsequently, after New Directions: The First Note was released worldwide, the album flew up the charts, reaching #26 the next week with 21,203 and then #3 the next week, becoming the biggest gainer on the charts with 102,000 sold that week. The album managed to remain at its peak for four more weeks, selling over 100,000 each time, before dropping down to #4 with 69,000 copies sold. The album dropped out of the Top Ten after 8 weeks, but not before totalling 1,000,000 and gaining Platinum certification.

The Deluxe version managed to sell 64,000 in its first week, having being released on November 16th the same year as the Original. The deluxe version, when combined with the original, managed to reach it's previous #3 spot after debuting at #6. Shortly thereafter, it had its highest sales week ever during Christmas, selling 310,000 the week before, though only reaching #5. The following week it rose back to #3 with 314,000 copies sold, and the album was certified X2 Platinum.