New Directions: Journey to Sectionals
Movie: New Directions: The First Note
New Directions Cast
Released June 20th, 2014
Recorded 2013
Billboard 200 #4
Label Columbia Records
Album Chronology
"New Directions: The Music, Volume 1"
"New Directions: Christmas Carols, Volume 1"
Alternate Cover

New Directions: Journey to Sectionals is the first official Extended Play released by the New Directions cast, and features songs from the first movie. Performances featured on the track included bonus live performances, and demos with other recorded vocals. The album charted very well on the Billboard 200, even though only being available for digital download and no physical copies were issued, debuting at #4 with 68,000 copies sold, which was the highest first week sales of any album by the cast during that time. It managed to receive Gold certification, and was critically acclaimed for its mash-ups and vocals.