New Directions: Chart-toppers
Movie: New Directions: Treble
New Directions Cast
Released May 13th, 2015
Recorded 2014-15
Billboard 200 #1
Label Columbia Records
Album Chronology
"New Directions: Christmas Carols, Volume 1"
"New Directions: The Music, Volume 2"
Alternate Cover

New Directions: Chart-toppers was an EP released to commemorate the new movie being announced. The extended play charted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 238,000 copies sold in its first week, managing to retain the top spot even though it only sold 119,000, with a 46% decrease, in its second week. This was the first time that their soundtrack managed to top the charts, and was the first of many to sell over 200,000 in their first week. While these were the highest first week sales to date, they were not the highest sales that an album had received, as the Christmas album sold 314,000 during Christmas period.
The EP was, as reported by several websites, released when news broke out that the franchise had lost its steam before the second movie, as their promotional single charted low, in the 80's region.

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