Dark Horse is a song performed on the New Directions: Live in Concert! tour, and was one of the songs that was performed at every stop. Originally by Katy Perry, this version was led by Conny Lee with backup from Naya Rivera in some shows, and from Melissa Benoist and Acacia Brinley in most. The rap part of the song is omitted from the song, instead replaced by a newly written chorus.


I knew you were,
You were gonna come to me,
And here you are,
But you better choose carefully,
Cos I'm, capable of anything,
And everything, and anything.

Make me your Aphrodite,
Make me your one and only,
But don't, make me your enemy
Your enemy, your enemy.

Conny (with Melissa and Acacia):
So you wanna play with magic (gic)
Boy you better know what you're falling for (or)